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Every Newborn Action Plan


MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

Global Birthing Home Foundation’s newest project at MN, a living fence surrounding 20 community garden plots, has been accepted as a ‘pilot’ cause...


Trip Report Following a Denver School of Nursing Visit to MN

Please follow this link to a very nice report from the Denver School of Nursing following an early spring visit to MN.   Mattress ProtectorWhat Is A Best Humidifier...


SG 8This is what Maison de Naissance is all about! Significantly reducing maternal and newborn mortality rates in impoverished communities. Every donation helps save lives.

• The World Health Organization (@WHO) has recently renewed its commitments to maternal and newborn health, developing the Every Newborn Action Plan to eliminate preventable deaths. Yet who provides the exceptional care to the mothers and newborns? MIDWIVES!

• The important report by The Lancet on midwifery highlights the power of midwifery: “This is the most critical, wide-reaching examination of midwifery to date, and it includes a broad range of clinical, policy, and health system perspectives”. In low-resource settings a model developed as part of the series “predicts that over 15 years, maternal and newborn mortality and stillbirths could be reduced by between 27% and 82%.”

The Projected Effect of Scaling Up Midwifery: “With universal coverage of midwifery interventions for maternal and newborn health 61% of all maternal, fetal, and neonatal deaths could be prevented. Family planning alone could prevent 57% of all deaths because of reduced fertility and fewer pregnancies. Midwifery with both family planning and interventions for maternal and newborn health could avert a total of 83% of all maternal deaths, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths.”

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