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Exciting news and a $20,000 matching opportunity!


MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

Global Birthing Home Foundation’s newest project at MN, a living fence surrounding 20 community garden plots, has been accepted as a ‘pilot’ cause...


Trip Report Following a Denver School of Nursing Visit to MN

Please follow this link to a very nice report from the Denver School of Nursing following an early spring visit to MN.   Mattress ProtectorWhat Is A Best Humidifier...


Dear Friends of Maison de Naissance,

We have exciting news! After a two-year suspension, we resumed delivering babies on Monday June 6th! During those two plus years, we continued to provide prenatal and postpartum care, family planning services, immunizations, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, women’s reproductive health care, well-baby care and community outreach. We also provided transport for moms in labor to the local hospital for childbirth, with supplies as needed for C-sections.

And even more good news – Maison de Naissance has been awarded a permanent license from the Haitian Ministry of Health and Population – the first birth center in Haiti so recognized.

A very generous donor will match up to $20,000 of all donations from new donors through August 1. Resuming deliveries requires another vehicle for the transportation of patients and five additional staff members. Eventually, also, we will need to expand our postpartum facilities as required by the Ministry of Health and Population.

Please join our family of donors. As my co-founder Dr. Stan Shaffer recently said, “The time is right for Maison de Naissance to build on its past achievements and current strengths.”

Please be among our number to celebrate all that we do for babies and families in Haiti at a time when your donation will be matched.

Mesi anpil! (Thank you very much!),

Dr. Betsy Wickstrom,
Co-founder and Board President,
Global Birthing Home Foundation
Sponsor of Maison de Naissance Birth Center


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