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Expensive Backpacks From Which You Can Choose The Best


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Backpacks are one item that will never go out of style. People love them because of the high level of functionality they offer, apart from the sense of style they offer. When shopping for a backpack, expensive is the way to go, if your pocket allows it, of course. Expensive backpacks tend to be stronger and more durable, not to mention more stylish. It is better to make a one-time investment in a quality backpack , rather than buying low quality backpacks that get damaged quickly. Here is a list of the best expensive backpacks read the sourse http://classybackpacks.com that are worth your money:

1.AB Earth Classic Small Backpack

This is one of the most expensive backpack on our list, going for $799. It measures 15.6 inches in height, 13 inches in width and 4 inches in depth. It comes with a large carrying compartment, with three front pockets with zippers. On the inside, there are two more inner pockets, also with zippers. There are additional pockets on the side.


Very comfortable

Made of high quality leather therefore very strong


Although it has many pockets, it cannot carry many items.

2.Mulholland Men’s Deerskin Rucksack

Another very expensive backpack which costs a whooping $ 1 052. Although it is a men’s rucksack, it is unisex and can be used by both sexes. The exterior has three compartments. The main body compartment is secured by a drawcord and a wide flap at the top. It is lined with polished Italian linen.


Extremely comfortable because of the padded, adjustable shoulder straps.

Incredibly strong because of the supple deerskin material used.


Extremely pricey

3.    Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Blue Buttercup Roll

Although expensive, this backpack is cheaper than most others on the list. It goes for a price of $189. It is stylish and highly durable. It is mostly convenient for use by parents travelling with toddlers. It has a feature for changing diapers and has enough room to store a considerable number of items.


The backpack is very stylish


It has few pockets

4.Tumi Alpha Bravo Kingsville Deluxe Brief Pack

This Tumi backpack is specifically handy for people who want to carry their laptop around. The backpack costs $445. It measures 17 inches by 12 inches by 7.25 inches, so it is large enough to fit any laptop. On the inside, there is a laptop compartment and another for an iPad. It has side pockets and is made of ballistic nylon. The straps are adjustable.


Waterproof pockets Adjustible straps


With the many quality features available for this backpack, it is impossible to find a disadvantage.

5.FRYE Jenny Backpack

This backpack is sold for around $457. It is made from soft vintage leather. It is medium-sized, measuring 12 inches in both length and width. It is equipped with a snap closure. Inside, there are two slip pockets.


Very stylish

It has a removable handle drop


It doesn’t have straps

6.    Tumi Alpha Compact Laptop Briefcase Pack

Another multipurpose Tumi backpack, this bag also has a laptop compartment. It is ideal for office use. You can fit a laptop and several other items like clothes. The pockets on the side can carry items like keys, wallets and your phone. It also has an air vent pocket for carrying a bottle and a removable accessory pouch.


• Very strong and durable

7.AB Earth Classic Small Backpack

For this backpack, you get a large carrying compartment, with two more inner pockets with zippers. On the side, you get two more pockets with zippers. You also get a pouch for carrying your wallet and a phone holder. It has very many pockets for carrying multiple items.


Made of high quality leather


A bit small so there is a limit to the items you can carry.

8.Wildland Firefighter Pack Backpack

This pack was designed by experienced wildland firefighters specifically for demanding field conditions. It is made out of a tough 18-ounce canvas and reinforced with leather in critical points. The side pockets come with clinching straps. It also has an adjustable waist belt and a lower compartment intended for an emergency shelter tarp. It sells for $650.


Very strong

Padded and adjustable shoulder straps


It is very heavy.

9.Saddleback Leather Simple Backpack

For 4469, you get a light and durable backpack. There is a large compartment for holding a laptop and books or other items. Outside pockets provide storage room for small items.


Very light

Made out of very strong leather


The straps may be uncomfortable at times.

10.Ona Camps Bay Backpack

If you are looking for a stylish backpack, then this is it. It has compartments where you can carry your laptop and camera. There are additional side pockets to carry other smaller items. It costs $429.




It may be heavy, especially when you fit in too many items.

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Expensive Backpacks From Which You Can Choose The Best
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