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What Does it Cost to Deliver a Healthy Baby?


How one birthing home is working to change the maternal health status quo in rural Haiti.

If you live in the USA, the average cost of a delivery without complications is $11,530. Global health organizations rank American healthcare in the top 10, so the odds are in the mother’s favor that she will have a safe delivery of a healthy baby. If there are complications, the costs will rise accordingly, but the odds are still good that the baby will live a healthy, normal life.

In rural Haiti, the availability of healthcare services is not a given, and quality healthcare, particularly maternal healthcare, is a rarity and difficult to obtain for most women. This is one of the main reasons that Haiti has the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the western hemisphere.

At Maison de Naissance, it is our mission to provide every mother with the opportunity for a safe delivery of a healthy baby. Our formula includes 3 prenatal visits, HIV/AIDS testing, midwife supervised delivery, one postpartum visit, one family planning consultation, and a well baby visit, all for $115! That is one percent of the cost here in the USA, and our total cost to deliver a healthy baby at MN. We have delivered over 4,000 babies at MN, without a single maternal mortality, and a neonatal mortality rate of less than 2% – one quarter of the Haitian national average.

You can save a mother’s life today, with a donation of $115 to Maison de Naissance, and give her baby a chance at a healthy life, too! Just click on “Donate” in the menu bar.

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