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It Takes A Team


MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

Global Birthing Home Foundation’s newest project at MN, a living fence surrounding 20 community garden plots, has been accepted as a ‘pilot’ cause...


Trip Report Following a Denver School of Nursing Visit to MN

Please follow this link to a very nice report from the Denver School of Nursing following an early spring visit to MN.   Mattress ProtectorWhat Is A Best Humidifier...


SG 8

It takes a great team of people to keep the wonderful care going at Maison de Naissance. Our nurse midwives have the greatest responsibility for providing prenatal care and consultations to the women who come through our door every day. Their title is “Infirmiere Sage Femme” which literally translates to Nurse Wise Woman.

This reflects the years of training, both in the classroom, and in the exam and delivery rooms, which they undertake to complete their profession. Nurse midwives are ably assisted by assistant midwives. Maison de Naissance was able to send four of our assistant nurses to a training program in Hinche, run by Midwives For Haiti, to attain an assistant midwife title. Their responsibilities include simple prenatal care, HIV counseling, and vaccinations.

Out in the surrounding area, our community health workers (CHW)  are checking blood pressure, distributing vitamins and anti-worm medication, and educating their village neighbors about the importance of prenatal care and skilled attendance at delivery. Our lab technicians work daily to provide routine prenatal labs and HIV/ syphilis testing to every patient! All of these clinical workers are supported by administrative, clerical, facilities management, driving and cleaning staff.

We do thousands of clinical visits every month- and it takes the whole staff to do it. Your gift to pay salaries for our employees is the life blood of Maison de Naissance. We can’t do it without you, so THANK YOU!

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