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MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

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A mattress the most important furniture you will ever buy and use, to read more about this click here. Invention of mattress was part of human nature in seeking environmental comfort.Regarding comfort of mattress , here are the two things to be considered:

A) Spine support is vital

A good mattress will adjust to the natural curves of your body, supporting your spine in the process. A mattress that is too soft or its hard then it forces our spine to bend, this causes a person to slouch . Thats not a effective and healthy manner to sleep. Thus spine support is the most and top reason amongst checlist.

B)Motion Transfer Wave

While sharing your mattress, a move from your side should not shake the other person. Motion waves should be socked up such that the waves don't disturb your partner.

C)Body Heat

Our body emits heat all the time, if mattress is unable to dissipate this heat, we could sense sweating and itching sensation in middle of the sleep. This cannot be accepted at any cause. Thus always find a mattress that is branded and heat is dissipated away. TIPSTrial period is must.This is important and you should not purchase a bed without this guaranty. To adjust your sleep with new bed, it should take somewhere 3-4 weeks usually. Thus don’t give up on a bed after a few bad nights. Give your body some time to adjust with the new bed.

pro: Buying mattress is a long term commitment. Thus its worth being sure about which mattress suits you before choosing one.

con: The time consuming and laborious procedure of lifting and shifting the mattress in case you are not satisfied may feel like a hard work.

Talk to sales guy: He indeed gets his commission from the sale. But please remember once you return the mattress that he sold, he stands to loose much more. This ensures best service from them. They are the so-called experts in deciding the best suited mattress for you. Talk to them , provide feedback for their queries so that they could go through their check list and suggest the best mattress for you. pro: Some times you cant relay on your own judgement. Thus its better to hire some expert to assist you. con: Well, what if its that salesmans last day at work. OR He might lure you into buying expensive mattress.

Its an investment: If calculated time vice, 1/3rd of one's life is being spend in a mattress. And average life span of a mattress is ten years. A 2000$ mattress folds into 15$ per day expense upon yourself. This is reasonable keeping in mind the long term viability and health benefits. pro: Health is always important. And mattress is a integral part of our environment. con: For few people, it the price might sound unreasonable. Memory foam mattresses that have HIGHER customer satisfaction rates are:BedlnABox – 86%Comfort Dreams – 82%The Memory Foam Specialists - 86%KEETSA Eco-Friendly Mattresses- 83%Leesa – 84%Novosbed- Ultimate Dreams Gel - 83%ConclusionMattress is a investment upon ones health. Priority should be given to comfort that you get over the price it costs. Cheap beds are more likely to forgo all your comfort needs. But, in the long run it harms ones body posture and sleep. Its a well known fact, better you sleep more productive you get. Never compromise with comfort is the motto.

Mattress Protector
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