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Welcome Our New Director at Maison de Naissance!


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Left to right: Harold Thervil, Rosena Baptiste, Chrisnel Guichette and Kirsty Bourret

Left to right: Herold Thervil, Rosena Baptiste, Chrisnel Guichette and Kirsty Bourret

Since March 2013, Kirsty Bourret has filled the shoes of Maison de Naissance’s Director. However, after 12 months of managing the medical care provided at Maison de Naissance (MN) she has decided to move with her family back to Canada to pursue a doctoral degree. Over the past year, Kirsty has made great sacrifices in order for every patient at MN to receive the best care possible. We cannot thank her enough for the time and effort she has put into making sure MN runs smoothly.

Before her departure, Kirsty highly recommended a colleague, Rosena Baptiste, to fill her position as Director. The two first became acquainted when working together at the Save the Children Fund. Ms. Baptiste’s extensive resume consists of layers upon layers of qualifying experiences. Her commitment to organizations such as the Save the Children Fund and CARE-Haiti represent her extensive knowledge of health barriers within Haiti, in addition to her dedication to improving the quality of life in Haiti. As a native Haitian, Rosena brings an essential local perspective that will continue to strengthen community ties with individuals seeking care, as well as with members of the Haitian Ministry of Health.

Welcoming Rosena Baptiste to Maison de Naissance as our new Director signifies a major accomplishment for our organization. Since the inception of the maternal health center there has always been a goal to make Maison de Naissance fully operated by local, Haitian employees. This goal was achieved when Rosena Baptiste accepted the position of Director. In order to move towards a fully sustainable model, MN has to be staffed by trained and educated community locals, who understand best how to work within the economic and political structure of Haiti.

Please, join us in welcoming Ms. Baptiste to her new position as MN Director!

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