Funded Initiatives


As a donor to Maison de Naissance, you support an extensive array of programs and services:

  • Quality, evidence based practices combined with extraordinary hospitality
  • Integrated community-based and home-based care
  • Continuum of care: family planning through childhood vaccinations
  • Competent staff and consistent services, including nurse midwives, 24/7
  • Laboratory and pharmacy services
  • Spiritual care and social support
  • House calls, home education, and directly observed therapy (DOT)
  • Information technology including electronic medical records and internet tools
  • Quality assessment, outcome monitoring, and improvement processes
  • Telemedicine with maternal and newborn specialists
  • Pro-active recall system for continuity of care
  • Transport and follow-up system for mothers or infants at special risk
  • HIV screening, counseling, and treatment for the prevention of maternal to child transmission of HIV
  • Mother’s clubs and breast feeding support
  • Community programs for infant vaccinations, clean water and sanitation, prevention of Vitamin A deficiency and treatment of intestinal parasites
  • Integration with economic development and community education programs

To give you an idea of how much difference your gift can make, consider these examples of operating costs at Maison de Naissance:

  • $13.80 will fund the average client visit for prenatal, labor and  delivery, postpartum, gynecology, reproductive health, or well baby care.
  • $50 will fund fuel for one day of emergency referrals and staff transportation.
  • $50 provides the stipend for Monthly Community Health Promoter.
  • $150 pays a cleaner or guard for one month.
  • $156 funds one day of medical supplies and medications for every patient.
  • $250 pays a driver for one month of staff transport and emergency referrals.
  • $300 pays an Assistant Nurse for one month.
  • $320 pays a Laboratory Technician for one month.
  • $350 funds diesel for one week for emergency referrals and staff transportation.
  • $390 funds the daily cost to employ all personnel (31 full-time + 8 part-time employees)
  • $767 funds the average daily operating cost of the center.
  • $775 pays a Nurse Midwife for one month.
  • $1,171 covers the average weekly cost of all medical supplies and medications.

We strive for efficiency so the maximum percentage of all donations goes to these services and your gift has a significant impact.

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