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MN Trip 2013 by Emma Flowers and Emily John, Truman State University GlobeMed Chapter


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MN’s Newest Project Featured on SeedGrants!

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2013 GROW team at MN1

We are two days into the GlobeMed project to conduct a vaccination survey for Maison de Naissance in Torbeck, Haiti, and things are picking up nicely! Our project for the year is to survey mothers who delivered a baby at MN during 2012 and to see the vaccination and overall health status of the baby.

Today, we divided into three groups, each consisting of one or two Truman State students, a translator, and an MN Community Health Worker. Before heading out into the community around 10AM, the community health workers sorted through the sample list of mothers and picked 15-20 names to survey for the day. This may not sound like much, but the homes are scattered over a wide expanse of rural farms, and have no addresses. Often, the mothers who delivered at MN do not reside there, but came to stay with family members when ready to deliver their baby, for easy access to the MN birthing center.

So far, this project has been a very eye-opening and enriching experience! We love walking along the roads and paths, and interacting with the local Haitian community. More exciting than seeing the community, every time we reach a mother to survey, she brings out her beautiful baby for us to meet!! These moments are wonderful because we gain a more tangible understanding of life in Haiti. It is a great privilege to work alongside the MN staff and a great honor to meet the mothers and babies within the MN community.

Every day is a new experience. Whether it is walking through a different village and seeing the different types of houses, or getting to see all of the babies, ranging from a few months old to a little over a year old, we are able to see the impact MN has on the community. Just yesterday we got to see a baby that was born last Friday! She was so tiny and the mother was very proud. We look forward to these special opportunities to work with the Community Health Workers and those within MN’s zone of service as we continue the survey work.

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