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Helping Haiti build the future with healthy mothers and healthy babies.



Please click HERE for exciting news about resumption of deliveries at Maison de Naissance from our co-founder and board president Dr. Betsy Wickstrom!

Save the date! The 12th anniversary celebration of the founding of Maison de Naissance is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th, 6 – 8 pm.  Details to be published soon.  We hope to see you there!

Click HERE to download a copy of a newsletter update from Global Birthing Home Foundation and Maison de Naissance.

Click HERE to download a copy of Dekabès, the Maison de Naissance newsletter,  for news and events from the maternity center.

Maison de Naissance, (MN), “Home of Birth,” sponsored by Global Birthing Home Foundation, is a modern maternal health center supporting healthy mothers and healthy babies in Haiti.   Our 100% Haitian staff provides high quality medical care in a welcoming and culturally appropriate environment, coupled with ongoing community oriented support, to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.

Recently released statistics from WHO and the Haitian Dept. of Health and Population show that in the years 2011-2013, MN provided an average of 43% of all family planning services and 22% of all prenatal services in a region (SUD Department, or South State) with a population of 705,000. Compare this to the population of 69,000 in our zone of service, and you will begin to understand how much MN does to serve mothers and infants and its community!

We could not have made this remarkable achievement without the dedication of you, our donors.  We offer you our most sincere thanks and best wishes for the holiday season!

Our 2014 Annual Report is available HERE if you wish to download a PDF copy.  You can read about our 2014 accomplishments, and key elements of our strategic plan, including economic development initiatives to ensure MN’s long term viability and eventual independence from charitable support.


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Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies

  • Our vision:
    Communities where maternal and neonatal mortality rates are low and every mother and infant have the right to a healthy birth.
  • Our Guiding Principles:
    High-quality maternal and infant healthcare
    , including full prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, provided with compassion and dignity, that is available 24x7, accessible, culturally appropriate, with no financial barriers, and with personal relationships to families in our zone of service.
  • Indigenous management, including local staffing, with programs for technical skills enhancement, professional training, and education.
  • Innovative and efficient use of technology, including electronic medical records, telemedicine through IM and internet transmission, and specially designed assessment tools.
  • Community empowerment, moving toward self-sufficiency by 2024, including population surveys, community health education, house calls, collaboration with community and government bodies, partnerships with other mission related agencies, and economic development programs to improve our families’ incomes and food security. .