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Our Mission:

Access * Quality * Resources

The Global Birthing Home Foundation operates in Haiti as a non-governmental organization, under the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti. GBHF shares local oversight of MN operations, and is responsible for fundraising for all programs and operations.

Maison de Naissance offers a wide range of services, funded by our donors, including medical, economic development, and educational programs.

Overcoming the obstacles to care faced by women in resource-poor rural Haiti creates new opportunities for the generations of babies born at Maison de Naissance.

Financial support and educational programs provide desperately needed resources.  Internet communication and information access connect healthcare providers in Haiti with the resources of medical centers and specialists in the United States. Integration of essential health services with community programs for health, education, and economic development promises to transform this community.

Strategies like these change the existing economics of healthcare for the poor in Haiti:

  • Move healthcare to the patient rather than the patient to healthcare.
  • Provide high quality care in poor rural areas.
  • Introduce internet technology in a community which is still without electric lights.

Building on these strategies, we offer two kinds of essential services for mothers and babies in Haiti.

Medical Care

Maison de Naissance emphasizes wellness and preventative care while also providing essential services such as family planning, prenatal and postnatal education, obstetrical care, and newborn medical care. Outcome monitoring and process improvement are key, but the competence and compassion of our healthcare teams are the heart of our programs.  We provide a continuum of care from family planning through childhood vaccination.

Maternal Support

Maison de Naissance continues to support mothers after delivery. The integrated community-based and home-based care  of the Maison de Naissance is culturally appropriate, welcoming and friendly – the hospitality of a home rather than the potentially intimidating feel of a medical center. All services are free, because even the least financial expectation would be a deterrent to preventative care and early treatment of problems.

Maternal Healthcare Services at Maison de Naissance

Quality, evidence-based practices combined with extraordinary hospitality
Integrated community-based and home-based care
Continuum of care: family planning through childhood vaccinations
Competent staff and consistent services, including nurse midwives, 24/7
Laboratory and pharmacy services
Spiritual care and social support
House Calls, home education, and directly observed therapy (DOT)
Information Technology, including electronic medical records and internet tools
Quality assessment, outcome monitoring, and improvement processes
Telemedicine with maternal and newborn specialists
Pro-active recall system for continuity of care
Transport and follow-up system for mothers or infants at special risk
HIV Screening, counseling, and treatment for the prevention of maternal to child transmission of HIV
Mothers’ Clubs and breast feeding support
Community Programs for infant vaccinations, clean water and sanitation, prevention of Vitamin A deficiency and treatment of intestinal parasites
Integration with economic development and community education programs

Our History

In 2004, two Kansas City doctors returned from a medical mission trip to Haiti, realizing that the effect of their visit ended when they left.  Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom and Dr. Stan Shaffer had a vision of providing ongoing services in impoverished Haitian communities where high quality maternal and infant health care was absent.

Maison de Naissance, a modern, culturally appropriate maternal center, was established in 2004 in Torbeck, Haiti, and is sponsored by Maison de Naissance Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity based in Leawood, KS.  Since its establishment, Maison de Naissance has delivered over 4,700 healthy babies, and conducted more than 150,000 consultations.

Your gift will help MN continue to deliver healthy babies to healthy mothers, and keeping overhead low is a high priority, so the maximum amount of every donation goes to the clinic in Haiti.

Strategic Goals:

Our commitment for the next 10 years is to reduce poverty in this community while maintaining the highest quality of primary care services to women and their infants.

Our first challenge is to prevent maternal and infant deaths.  Maison de Naissance provides accessible (transportation provided), reliable healthcare for women and babies in a warm and welcoming environment. Fees are charged on a sliding scale, set by the community, starting at free for those who simply cannot pay. Our outstanding all-Haitian staff are highly qualified and committed to listening as well as caring. We employ innovative technologies to ensure quality care, and produce measurable outcomes that can be tracked month to month and year by year.

Our second challenge is to “work ourselves out of a job” in this community through economic development programs. We have expanded our mission to partner with women and their families in a variety of programs to increase their income and food security, and for MN to be a self-sufficient community operation by the year 2024.  Global Birthing Home Foundation will then expand its mission to other impoverished communities of the world.

Major Affiliations and Partners:


Co-Founders of Maison de Naissance:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom and Dr. Stan Shaffer

The Maison de Naissance Foundation Staff and Board of Directors

  • Jim Grant, Executive Director
  • Carol Hogue, PhD, MPH, President
  • Elizabeth Wickstrom, MD, FACOG, Vice President
  • Guy Montes, Treasurer
  • Beth Mulvihill, D.O., FACOG, Secretary
  • Pere Frantz Casseus, PhD
  • Lydia Dickey
  • Lynn Hogue, PhD, JD
  • Margaret McCann, PhD