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Would you like to become a Maison de Naissance ‘Godparent’, with regular monthly donations?  Please consider the following fixed costs:

1 Nurse Midwife/month = $775

1 Assistant Nurse/month = $300

1 Laboratory Technician/month = $320

1 janitor or guard/month = $150

Monthly Community Health Promoter Stipend = $50

1 driver/month (staff transport and emergency referrals) =  $250

Daily cost to employ all personnel (21 full-time + 8 part-time employees) = $390

Diesel x 1 day for emergency referrals and staff transportation = $50

Diesel x 1 week for emergency referrals and staff transportation = $350

Average cost of medical supplies and medications/day = $156

Average cost of medical supplies and medications/week = $1171

Average cost to operate MN x 24 hours = $767

Average cost per client visit to MN (prenatal, postpartum, gynecology, reproductive health, well baby visits) = $15

Targeted Donation Suggestion:

-     Cover the costs to run MN x 24 hours (salaries, gas for ambulance and generator, client consultations and medications/materials):  $767


Mailing Address, Phone and Email

5000 West 134th Street

Leawood, KS  66209

913-402-6800 ext. 650


Gifts made to Global Birthing Home Foundation are gifts to the entire mission. To help the most women access quality health care, MN does not use its limited resources to track gifts from donation to distribution. We use your gifts where they can do the most good by pooling them with the gifts of others to help transform entire communities. Your gift is tax deductible.

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